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New training classs

Following the demise of IQ Dog Training before Christmas, Sarah had to embark on the arduous task of finding somewhere else to train Duke.


Trying to find a relatively local class that fitted in with other commitments, such as work, Gloucester Model Railway Club on Monday nights and the fact that Duke does “day care” in our local kennels on Wednesday (and is totally hyper on a Wednesday night) was virtually impossible.


One class was on a Tuesday night at 6.30 and was quite some distance away. It also required a £50 assessment fee. With gritted teeth, we coughed up this and went through the assessment. The assessment wasn’t a great success and the training style different to what we were used to. We did attend one class, but we nearly didn’t get there in time because of work, and Sarah felt like an outsider with a very naughty dog! We didn’t go back.


Around that time a friend mentioned that she was taking her young collie to “Krazy K9’s”, that Steve Pitcher was very good and had five collie of his own. A phone call later and a couple of visits to his classes as an observer, found us at his Tuesday night class at Eastington.


Understandably it took Duke a couple of weeks to settle down, but he is enjoying the classes, learning to do retrieves and scent work and other stuff that he hadn’t done before, as well as working slowly towards to Good Citizen Gold. Maybe one day we will be doing competitive obedience comps together!


As Steve understands the working of the Collie mind, Duke is no longer being such a nightmare on walks and generally is a lot more focused– we still have a long way to go but…




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Angela Gillespie RIP

On a sad note Angela Gillespie, Duke’s breeders, passed away suddenly on 12 March. She will be very much missed but her legacy lives on in her Detania dogs.


For more info visit:

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It’s a dogs life


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Duke's weight chart

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