Talking Border Collies meet – Blackwater – 3 February 2012

cannot get over how well Duke behaved – nine collies, 6 people, a strange place….


First of all we had to drive from Gloucester to Windsor to drop of Bruce, had a quick walk on The Long Walk and then a half hour drive to Blackwater. The pub we were to meet at was easy to find because of the gathering of black and white collies outside. Coffee and cakes first. One of the dogs was quite vocal, but unexpectedly it wasn’t Duke! And then Dave D pulled over the chair his lead was attached too so that he could follow his Mummy Sue to the loo!


A short road walk later and we were in the woods with the dogs all running free, chasing after a ball. The area is an ex-air field and is used for military practice, so there were lots of tyre marks, but thankfully the only signs of life were some other dog walkers.


At one point all of the dog disappeared after something and much to my surprise he was the first to come back!


We put Duke on a lead when we started to see the occasional limp, but then one of the ladies noticed that his foot was bleeding, he had totally ripped apart a claw which might have been the reason for the limp as he was right as rain the next day!


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Duke's weight chart

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