It’s a Tuesday morning and Mum’s alarm didn’t go off, so I woofed and woofed to make sure she got up on time. I don’t understand why she wasn’t happy with me. But then she didn’t put on her work clothes, but yesterday’s scruffy jeans. Instantly I realised I was getting a long morning walk rather than just being dumped at Grandma and Grandpa’s, so I whinged at Mum to hurry up and finish her breakfast.

The fields were soggy and the farmer had put Cattle back into the field so Mummy wouldn’t let me off the lead. This was probably a good thing as we soon met Flynn and Gyp, two Collies who I really HATE. Flynn attacked me when I was little. I enjoyed stalking them, but Mummy wouldn’t let me get close.

There was a giant ride on mower thing on the golf course which really frightened me, but Mummy made me go up close to it and the nice man riding it made a fuss of me.

Then on the way home we met too more Collies that we hadn’t seen before, they were off lead and rushed at me, which was scarey but they were nice dogs so it was ok.

Now for breakfast and a snooze in the morning sun on the patio… Off to the vets later for my annual vaccinations and a healthcheck later, not looking forward to that. Mummy threatened to brush me first but she’ll have to find the brush first….

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