Duke hated firework night… or should I say firework fortnight as it seems to have become. Diwali was on November 5th this year too, so that wasn’t a reason for extending the show.

Last year, right at the end of fireworks season, a firework went off near the house just as we finished the walk, Duke bolted for the house. I didn’t think anymore of it, thinking I’d deal with it, with a DAP Collar or one of those de-sensitising CDs or something.

But let me tell you that the CD’s don’t work – for a Collie its not just about the noise, but the sight and most of all the smell that freaks him out! The DAP collar had no obvious affect either.

Walks were a nightmare, poor Duke kept lieing down and refusing to move. Working full time, I simply couldn’t help but walk him after dark.

In the end, after a panicked visit to the vets, Duke spent fireworks night and the following evening on tranquillers and slept through it all!

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