Sasha was with us from 17 July 2008 to 20 April 2009.

In mid July 2008, devestated at the loss of Sultan, I started volunteering as a dog walker a Teckles. Knowing my affection for German Shepherds they introduced me to a bitch called Sasha. Having walked her quite happily for a week, she came home with us on a week’s trial.

It was only in an enclosed space that the stench hit you and I realised that her entire back end was caked in urine. She stood happily while I bathed her and snipped off the worst of the matted hair. We soon realised that she was “leaking”, when she was asleep, when she was excited and to be frank, it was clearly upsetting her. We will never know the cause but potenially it was a botched spay and nothing from the vets seemed to work.

After that first week I probably should have sent her back, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. She wanted to dig her teeth into every dog she met, and  humans too given the chance. However, there was a loving and affectionate little girl in there too. Teckles had told me that she had been in and out of homes all her life and had also been through (and failed) a police dog training course. Poor soliciation as a puppy was probably the root of the issue.

But there was something else wrong…

To cut a long, expensive and upsetting story short, Sasha was put to sleep on 20 April 2009 after her agression had escalated to everyone she had contact with in that last week (except me, for some reason).

I will never forget how she fourght the effects of the injection and how horrible her last few breaths sounded.

The post mortum revealed a brain tumour….

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