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This website is really just a record of Duke’s life and experiences, and hopefully will serve as an aid to anybody who has just taken home a brand new Border Collie Puppy or is researching what they are like.

Having had three rescue German Shepherds (GSD) and being totally unable to cope with being dog-less for a while after loosing the last, we decided that we would get a puppy. We wanted the intelligence of a GSD but something a little smaller. After looking at lots of different breeds we settled on a Collie.

There were a number of reasons behind this – mainly that we knew two beautiful red and white Collies (owned by Mike & Jean Wife) bred by the late Angela Gillespie at Detania. She breeds predominately for temperament – which was what we needed.

We love Duke immensly, although he has boundless energy and is very mischivious. So we hope that you enjoy reading our blog.

June 2009       –       January 2011       –       June 2012

Duke's weight chart

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