Cotswold Model Railway Show

Kit will be relaunching this 25 year project at

Cotswold Model Railway Show
31st October and 1st November 2015
Saturday 10 am to 5 pm
Sunday 10 am to 4 pm
Thomas Keble School

After the usual primary and secondary schools (the first one was in Egypt!) I spent 9 yrs working for the motor industry in R&D, and then another 9 yrs working for BR. But that 9 yrs were the most significant for me as the main job I had there was as the Tilt System Development Engineer for the APT-E. I spent the next 30 yrs as a Service Engineer/Manager for a testing system company, travelling all over the world and going to lots of interesting places. That last job triggered my interest in the US railroad scene as it was an American company I worked for and I was over there 3-4 times/yr for those 30 yrs. From the railway modelling point of view I dabbled in OO railways when I was at school, spent a while doing 009 in the late 60s but didn't get into N gauge, my current favourite scale, until I moved to Gloucestershire in 1982 and met Harvey Whitmore. Like many people my life has never been the same since :-) I did a lot of the operating on the GMRC's club layout 'FirCoombe' and helped build the two extensions that we added to the layout. At the end of the 80s Harve and I built 'Smalltown - USA' for the club show in a week! We lacked a little in forward planning but we excelled in speed building as we built the second half of the layout in 10 days.... In 2014 Harve suggested that we drag 'Smalltown - USA' out of my loft where it had been stored for 23 yrs and re-furbish it. We must have been mad, but that's par for the course for N gaugers anyway, and we're working on that at the time of writing. For the last couple of years I've also acted as a consultant for Rapido Trains in Canada for their 00 model of the APT-E, which has pleased me immensely as I never expected anyone to ever model my favourite ever train.

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